Monday, September 7, 2009

    Welcome to Better Blogger

    Welcome to the journey of becoming a Better Blogger.

    I believe that every person has a built-in blogger in him/her but not every person has the ability to use this damn great ability. So I have decided to help out those who are in need of a bit guidance on what to do and what not to do.

    What? Another Fuck'n Mentor?

    One might say that there is a whole bunch of crunch-heads doing the same shit, then why the fuck I needed to go for this. Well, my dear, it is the game of belief, I believe (yes again I believe) everybody has its own fuck'n style and probably some golden tips to share with you. Wherever you go you would find lots of self proclaimed experts who are funnily enough very much ready to transfer their “hard-earned” knowledge into you for free. Just consider me one of these.

    So What's Different?

    Besides that I may have something different than what other guys are teaching at their well-established empires. Obviously I can’t go competing them but I could definitely try to convey some damned knowledge in my style. This is the whole reason for going into this trouble of setting up a blog.

    I hope you would be following my tips and I guarantee you that you would soon be blogging in a true sense.
    I think it is enough for this first welcome note and I hope to see you a lot around.

    Do let me know about your start as a blogger (if you have started) or share the idea of your blog if you are planning to start one in comments.

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